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Can I print more than 5,000 products in BrandWrapped?

For most products in BrandWrapped we limit the number you can design, order and ship. Need more? Send us an email and we'll see how we can help.

Will I see a print proof when I order online with BrandWrapped?

Yes. The proof will include all elements required to produce your design (including its CMYK print ready format, trims, bleeds, folds, creases and cuts).

How do I change or cancel an order I've placed with BrandWrapped?

Production usually starts within an hour once you've placed an order, so if you need any changes you'll have to get in touch immediately. Please call 13 11 18 if there's something wrong with your order.

How long will my BrandWrapped order take to be delivered?

It depends on the product you've ordered, but most BrandWrapped orders are delivered within 8-12 working days.

Will my BrandWrapped order arrive as a single shipment?

Not all of the products you order on BrandWrapped come from the same manufacturers. To save time, your products are sent directly to you from the manufacturers.

If you've ordered a few different types of products, they probably won't arrive at the same time.

How are BrandWrapped box measurements made?

Unlike other products, the measurements for boxes refers to the internal dimensions. Accordingly, the boxes are slightly larger than the dimensions shown (usually about 4-8 mm to a side). This won't affect your design.

How are BrandWrapped products printed?

All our products are printed digitally CMYK unless specified otherwise.

Satin ribbon in foil printed and cotton ribbon is printed using a more traditional ink printing process.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK colours?

RGB (Red Green Blue) is the colour display used on electronic screens, including devices such as your computer, tablets and your mobile phone. When we print your BrandWrapped designs we use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black [Key]) pigments to display the same colours you see on your screen.

Pic courtesy of Pintrest

Although the two-colour models are almost identical, some colours can look slightly different when converted from RGB to CMYK. Colours that appear bright on screen might appear duller or desaturated when they are printed in ink. The image to the right shows the possible differences between RGB and CMYK.

Our BrandWrapped design tool helps you manage this by guiding your colour palette in real time and showing you a soft proof of your design (e.g. how it will look when converted to CMYK) so that you can make changes to the colours if necessary. We’ll ask you to preview and approve a proof of your design in CMYK to ensure you’re happy with your BrandWrapped product before you purchase it.

Colour Matching - BrandWrapped doesn’t offer a colour matching service, and our designs are limited to colours that can be represented by CMYK. To ensure your final design is correct, we recommend you download and print the PDF proof we provide of your design in CMYK so that you can preview your final printed design before purchase.

Can I print foils, metallics, or white inks using BrandWrapped?

  • Foils - You can only print these on satin ribbon. In fact it's the best way to print on satin ribbon.
  • Metallics - No.
  • White inks - It depends on what you are printing, but there is a white foil option for satin ribbon.

Can I insert a logo or image into my ribbon design using BrandWrapped?

You can use a logo or image in your ribbon design as long as the file format is .png with a transparent background, or an .svg file.

Are BrandWrapped labels, stickers and decals waterproof?

These products are weather resistant, not waterproof. They're designed so that they're able to withstand a bit of rain and exposure to the sun.

Can I get samples of BrandWrapped products?

No. BrandWrapped's minimum volumes are cheaper than most samples you can get. If you create a small order, you can easily and quickly order more later on, and save money if you make a bigger order.

What are these red, green and black lines on my 2D proof from BrandWrapped?

These won't appear on your final designs. They're used by the trade, and are particularly important for things that are to be 3D such as boxes.

  • Green lines are fold lines: These tell the manufacturer where your box needs to fold and crease.
  • Red lines are cut lines: While it might look like an outline, these are actually where the manufacturer will use special knives or cutting blocks to cut out your final design.
  • Black 'L' shaped lines are crop or trim marks: The manufacturers of your products typically print on bigger sheets of paper / plastic / cardboard than your artwork. These marks allow them to line up your artwork and cut to the final desired size.